'Authentic Katie' Hits the Trail

From the Austin, Texas area, 'Authentic Katie' is among the latest to hit the American Discovery Trail, walking east from the shores at Limantour Beach, CA, en route to Cape Henlopen, DE.

'Authentic Katie' Hits the Trail

Eastbound Journey began July 2nd

"Gotta admit that I am TOTALLY STOKED to be here in California and actually DOING the thing I have been TALKING about for months. *chuckle*," Katie said in one of her first notes from the trail this week.

After completing the first California segment, Katie took a Zero Day in a hotel for some cleaning, drying, reorganizing, and recovery — and busting out a series of NINE videos in one day!   *mic drop*

The videos are beneficial to those curious about a coast-to-coast walk. They cover topics from why she's doing it, what she's taking, what she is already changing out, and what her golf ball is used for?  

You can SUBSCRIBE to her YouTube channel - Walking As Practice, and signup for her NEWSLETTER at walkingaspractice.com.

Welcome to the trail!  We look forward to following you on your adventure!

The ADT Guide Updates:

This week has been a busy one with the following segments getting complete upgrades:

We have increased the map resolution to our new standard of generally 2 to 3 miles per page.  We've added coordinates and elevations for all waypoints. Plus, you will find dozens of new historical notes, hiker tips, and previously successful water cache locations where needed.

Plus, we've updated the "Trail at a Glance" and Category Climb information for

I hope you all are well!
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