The Golden State

California Segment 1: Nevada Line to Truckee River Bridge

Trail Notes

Updated 12 Sept, 2020
    • T10130 - Cross CA 89 and follow the Truckee River Bike Trail running along the Truckee River heading SW

California Segment 2: CA Highway 89 to French Meadows Reservoir

Trail Notes

Updated: 12 Sept, 2020
    • T20140 - Correct misspelling of Signs

    • T20150 - Correct navigation point: 39.1908, -120.2446


        • T20245 - In 250 feet, take service road (N) then (NE) to High Camp at Squaw Valley .04 - 7.11 / 39.1932, -120.2632

California Segment 3: French Meadows Reservoir to Foresthill

Trail Notes

Updated: 12 Sept 2020
    • T30040 - Add: Turn right on trail leaving reservoir and traversing higher up the hill.

    • T30050 - Correct direction: Cross trail diagonally, continue straight (WSW) on the road.

    • T30060 - Update name of the road to Mosquito Ridge Road

    • T30070 - Should be: Continue to the left (NNW) on the Western States Trail

    • T30120 - Correct directions: Junction with road to the right, keep to the left

    • T30175 - Correct navigation: Junction with road to the right, bear left (SW) - 39.1288, -120.5701

    • T30330 - Add: Turn right on Michigan Bluff Rd

California Segment 4: Foresthill to Auburn

Trail Notes

Updated: 25 Feb, 2019
    • T40240 - Add: Drivers Flat Rd

    • T40550 - Correct street: Turn left (s) on Old Aub. Foresthill Rd (per signage)

    • T40570 - Confluence Trail is very popular with mountain bikers. Narrow trail. Cautioned advised. Accessing the river as a water source is easiest at next Waypoint

California Segment 5: Auburn to Sacramento

Trail Notes

Updated: 16 Feb, 2019
    • T50040 - Update to: Turn Left on Pleasant Avenue

    • T50080 - Correct direction: Turn Right on to Cardiac Bypass Trail

    • T50130 - Add: Turn Right

Add Waypoint

        • T50445 - Multi-Trail Junction, continue straight following Western Pioneer Express Trail 1.21 -20.64 / 38.7356,-121.1627

Remove Waypoint

        • T40450 - No longer accurate. Trail has been completed.

    • T50460 - Should be: Join paved American River Bike Trail coming in from left and continue (S)

    • T50470 - Remove outdated: "At this road crossing the multi-purpose paved trail becomes the paved American River Bikeway."

Add Waypoints

        • T50550 - BEGIN LANDSLIDE DETOUR: Turn right onto Negro Bar State Park Loop Trail .43 - 26.69 / 38.6783, -121.1919

        • T50552 - END LANDSLIDE DETOUR: As you pass a small pond on your right, turn right to return to paved American River Bike Trail 1.1 - 27.79 / 38.6637, -121.1917

    • T50520 - Update: The trail turns sharply right and up to Hazel Avenue. Turn right to cross the bridge to the south side of the American River then immediately turn right to return to the paved trail.

    • T50530 - Update: Cross Nimbus Rd. Remove 'Trails Junction,' as there is only the one trail here. Also, Fish hatchery info in T50520 should be placed here as Nimbus Road is the 'paved road which enters the Nimbus Fish Hatchery' mentioned.

    • T50540 - Add: Restrooms available here

Remove Waypoint

        • T50580 - There are no restrooms available here

California Segment 6: Sacramento to Antioch

Trail Notes

Updated: 25 Feb, 2019
    • T60020 - Turn Right on Sacramento River Parkway paved trail

Add Waypoint

        • T60105 - Pass W Land Park Dr on right. Continue east on 13th Ave for 2 blocks. - This avoids confusion with upcoming Land Park Dr turn

    • T60140 - Correct name: South Land Park Dr

    • T60145 - Correct: Turn right to stay on South Land Park Dr.

    • T60290 - Add: After crossing bridge, road become Sutter Slough Bridge Rd

    • T60538 - Change to: After crossing bridge and before toll booth, make hard left onto Northbound off ramp down to Bridgehead Dr continuing S on Bridgehead Dr.

    • T60590 - Update: Turn right on Delta DeAnza Regional Trail - Trailhead is no longer here as trail has been expanded east

California Segment 7: Antioch to Walnut Creek

Trail Notes

Updated: 16 Feb, 2016
    • T70050 - Correct navigation point: 37.9576, -121.8638

    • T70070 - Correct navigation point: 37.9472, -121.8906

Add Waypoint

    • T70095 - Update: Cross Easley Drive and head straight (W) on Center St for one block then turn left on paved Black Diamond Trail. Restaurant is block west of this turn. 0.21 - 11.01 / 37.9407, -121.9319

    • T70110 - Correct: Turn right onto Bruce Lee Trail

Recategorize Waypoints T70140 & T70150 as a side trip

        • Mt Diablo side trip - should not be part of the trail as no other side trips are considered formal Waypoints along the ADT

        • T70140 - Correct misspelling of 'large'

    • T70200 - Update directions and navigation point: Quick Jog: Briones to Mt Diablo Trail turns left on La Casa Via and continues right onto paved surface down to a canal. .054 - 33.95 / 37.9102, -122.0382 - per signage here

California Segment 8: Walnut Creek to Golden Gate Bridge

Trail Notes

Updated: 9 Mar, 2019

Remove Waypoints

        • Improvements and relocation of trail sections make the following Waypoints no longer necessary for successfully navigating the Lafayette Ridge Trail'

            • T80043

            • T80045

            • T80046

            • T80048

    • T80050 - Update distance due to removal of previous waypoints 3.26 - 7.46

    • T80095 - Change description and navigation point: Bear right on Oursan Trail. This is Briones Overlook Staging Area with parking and pit toilet. 3.56 - 13.59 / 37.9133,-122.2025

    • T80100 - Remove mention of Bear Creek Trail. Bear Creek Trail ends at T80095

    • T80250 - Should be: Turn left then join trail on right parallel to Centennial Drive

    • T80260 - Update road name: Stadium Rim Way

    • T80300 - Correct road name: Lakeside Drive

Add Waypoints

        • Taking advantage of new walking/cycling paths along the shore

        • T80305 - Turn left to join walkway paralleling Lakeside Drive 37.8083, -122.2632

        • T80308 - At Camron-Stafford House, turn right on the walkway to Lakeside Drive. Turn left on Lakeside Drive and continue (SW). Lakeside becomes Oak St in one block 37.8015, -122.2616

    • T80330 - Update cost of ferry to $7

    • T80350 - Change to: Fisherman's Wharf at the intersection of Jefferson Street and Taylor Street. All scvs in this area. Continue to the end of Jefferson Street. Follow the shoreline past the Maritime Museum. Then bear right on Van Ness Avenue. - Remove all other information as it is repeated in following waypoints

    • T80355 - Change to: At the Municipal Pier entrance, turn left into Fort Mason and follow the path, bearing right at all intersections until you reach Marina Blvd. Turn right and follow San Francisco Bay Trail past Yacht and Small Craft Marina. Correct Navigation: 37.8081,-122.4266

Add Waypoint

        • T80358 - After crossing Yacht Rd, bear right onto a trail into The Presidio park, and follow the Golden Gate Promenade west along the shoreline. 37.8050, -122.4487

    • T80360 - Change last sentence to read: Follow Battery East Trail to Golden Gate Bridge

California Segment 9: Golden Gate Bridge to Limantour Beach

Trail Notes

Updated: 13 May 2021


Effective May 13, 2021 till further notice.

Woodward Fire-related Trail Closures

This area includes all waypoints T-90260 through T-90290.

On Using Hiking Carts - Don't

"More times than I can count, I had to take off the heavy backpack that was atop of Clint (trailname of the hiking cart), carry it dozens of yards ahead of me and then turn around and get Clint. At about the millionth time I knew Clint was not only a huge error in judgment on my part, but subconsciously I renamed Clint (and changed his gender). Not sure exactly when this happened, but Clint soon became “Bitch”. Perhaps I was simply scolding myself when I was trying to get her out of the trenches and I’d mutter with frustration, “C’mon Bitch!” - De '19


"My last attempt to get to a campground also resulted in being ”attacked” and stung by “stinging nettle”. Man, that plant is unforgiving and set my legs on fire. - De '19


"At the hostel (Hi Point Reyes Hostel) ... there are girl dorms and boy dorms. There is no cell service at all." - De '19

ADTS Turn by Turn Corrections/Updates:

    • T90010 - Update to: ... Cross the parking lot and proceed west on the California Coastal Trail.

    • T90110 - Change to: Turn L Deer Park Fire Trailhead.

    • T90140 - Update to: From the north end of the Pantoll parking lot, cross Panoramic Highway to the Matt Davis trail and continue west. - There is no 'Coastal Trail' signage at this point

Add Waypoint

        • T90145 - At junction, bear right on Coastal Trail 1.6 - 15.6 / 37.9036, -122.6208

    • T90150 - Due to additional Waypoint, change distance to 2.63 Change description to read only: Trail junction with Willow Camp Fire Trail, continue straight on Coastal Trail

Add Waypoint

        • T90155 - At junction with Ridgecrest Blvd, turn left and rejoin the Coastal Trail off to the left in 450 feet.

    • T90190 - Add: Cross CA 1. Enter the Olema Valley Trailhead to continue west on Randall Trail - Indicates signage at this point

    • T90290 - Add: Turn left on beach access to the shore. Then turn right and follow the shoreline to Limantour Beach.