ADT in Delaware

Liberty and Independence

Segment 1: Cape Henlopen to Maryland State Line

Trail Notes

Updated: 17 Mar, 2019

Corrections/Updates to ADTS Westbound Turn by Turns

Add Waypoints

          • A10054 - After crossing drawbridge, Turn L on Gills Neck Rd/RD 267 (Turn R to enter downtown Lewes) .47 - 3.18 / 38.7754, -75.1380

          • A10056 - Turn R onto Lewes-Georgetown Trail .24 - 3.42

Remove Waypoints

          • A10060

          • A10070

          • A10080

          • A10090

    • A10100 - Update mileage to 4.42 - 7.84 and turn coordinates to 38.7455, -75.2067

    • A10140 - Correct to remove redundancy: Bear R(NW) onto Front St (Rte 89) which bears R and becomes Union St. Town MILTON 19968 (BB,M)

    • A10200 - Trail Alert: Hiker reports stroller and food stolen during the night. Eva Carlton-19

    • A10230 - Recommend for clarity: Turn R on Sunnyside Rd

    • A10250 - Remove reference to Cocked Hat Rd. There is no signage at this intersection indicating that. Only Adams Rd.

    • A10270 - Add: Unmarked. Look for sign with 2 red warning diamonds. 38.8031,-75.6597

    • A10290 - For clarity based on actual signage: Turn L on Hickman Rd. As for the Adamsville reference, this is not indicated except on a map. No services

    • A10320 - Correct spelling of road: Saulsbury Rd.

    • A10330 - There is no sign indicating the state line. When traveling westbound, the Delaware/Maryland State Line is where the paved road becomes a dirt road.