Land of Lincoln

ADT - Northern Route

Illinois Segment 1: Indiana Line to Joliet

Trail Notes

Updated 22 Oct, 2019
    • I10020 - Correct spelling of 'available'

Illinois Segment 2: Joliet to Bureau (I&M Canal)

Trail Notes

Updated 11 Nov, 2019

Add Waypoints:

      • I20105 - I&M Trail splits into two equal tracks paralleling the canal on the north and south sides. The trail rejoins in .66 at Gebhard Woods SP. .26 - 23.75 / 41.3557, -88.4266

      • I20135 - QUICK JOG: Turn Right on Milton Rd then quickly Left to continue W on I&M Trail 3.5 - 37.64 / 41.3205, -88.6736

    • I20140 - Change distance to 1.3 because of addition of Waypoint I20135

    • I20320 - Make it: Turn Left on Broadway St which soon bends right WSW and becomes Marquette St

Illinois Segment 3: Bureau to Quad Cities/Mississippi River/Iowa Line

Trail Notes

Updated 20 Apr, 2019
    • I30010 - Clarify by adding: Turn R onto the Hennepin State Parkway and head West on the trail as you have the option of heading both West and East. Also, the state has now built a large parking lot here for the trail. Perhaps this should be the new beginning/end of Seg 2/3

Trail Alert: "(The Hennipen) canal nevertheless has "a lot of problems" from the former Howard School in rural Geneseo to the Rock River." - Dispatch-Argus - April 19

Between Waypoints: I30148 - I30180

    • I30157 - Add: The trail splits into two parallel and equal trails along the north and south side of the canal. The trails rejoin at the next ADT Waypoint.

    • I30180 - Clarify: Leave the Hennepin Canal Towpath, by turning right on 5th Street. There is a 5th Avenue and a 5th Street at this intersection.

    • I30190 - Make it: Turn L (W) on IL 84. Cross the Rock River in .6 mi.

    • There is no signage here indicating Colona Rd

    • I30200 - Make it: Turn R on North IL 84.

    • There is no signage here indicating 2nd Street

    • I30290 - Correct street name - should be "Right on 19th St (IL84)..." (not 20th)

    • I30300 - Perhaps add "First Road on the left" as there apparently is no signage at this waypoint.

ADT - Southern Route

Southern Illinois Segment 1: Indiana Line to River to River Trail

Trail Notes

Updated: 17 Feb, 2019
    • J10070 - Should be Park Street not Avenue

Southern Illinois Segment 2: River to River Trail to Grand Tower

Trail Notes

Updated: 17 Feb, 2019
    • J20030 - Should be Battery Park Spur joins main River to River Trail here

    • J20070 - Shawnee Forest Road - County Road 17

    • J20095 - Gape Hollow Road

    • J20140 - Should be Right turn

    • J20340 - Should be Taylor Ridge Lane

    • J20400 - Add Tall Tree Lake Rd to CR70

    • J20440 - Should be L West Crawford Ave becomes Sullivan Road

Southern Illinois Segment 3: Grand Tower to E St Louis

Trail Notes

Updated: 17 Feb, 2019
    • J30310 - Turn Right - not left

Add Waypoint

        • J30375 - Turn L Davis Street Ferry Road - Turn R Levee Rd

    • J30385 - Should be Old I C R O W Road

Add Waypoints

        • J30387 - Turn L Adams Street which becomes 3rd Street

        • J30389 - Turn L Water St

    • J30390 - Should be Continue straight on Water Street (not Levin)