The Crossroads of America

Southern Route

Southern Indiana Segment 1: Ohio Line to Clifty Falls State Park

Trail Notes

Updated 10 Aug, 2019

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  • H10210 - CAUTION: Just prior this waypoint the ADT Turn By Turns and GPS may not agree.

"The turn-by-turns and gps track disagreed, just before the China-Manville Road turn-off. As a consequence, I found myself off of the gps for a good chunk of the walk, but given that it’s all paved and the roads aren’t too busy, it felt like six of one, half-dozen of the other." - Dave Whitson '19

Southern Indiana Segment 2: Clifty Falls State Park to Deam Lake

Trail Notes

Updated 31 Dec, 2019
  • H20040 - Black Rd. should be W Chicken Run Rd.

  • H20050 - Change Black Rd to W Chicken Run Rd.

  • H20130 - Correct road name to South River Bottom Rd.

Knobstone Trail: Conditions, Reroutes, Maps

Knobstone Trail is a 58-mile long hiking trail and is the longest hiking trail in Indiana. The American Discovery Trail joins for the last 12 miles of the southern-most section of the KT. It is a rigorous up and down hike. White Blazes.

  • H20330 - Disregard Knobstone Trail closure information in the Turn-By-Turns. This area was reopened in 2013.

Southern Indiana Segment 3: Deam Lake to Corydon

Trail Notes

Updated 26 May, 2019
  • H30070 - Caution: Busy road with no shoulders.

  • H30140 - Doolittle Hill Road closed due to landslide. (Location) "You can get past the barriers and the landslide shouldn't affect hikers/cyclists." - Nikki '19

Southern Indiana Segment 4: Corydon to St. Meinrad

Trail Notes

Updated 17 May, 2019

Grocery store in Saint Meinrad has closed. - Nikki - '19

Southern Indiana Segment 5: St. Meinrad to Evansville

Trail Notes

Updated 28 Sept, 2019
    • H50100 - Add R Memorial Driveway then L on CR 300E

    • H50280 - Should be Main St and State St

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    • H50300 - Change to: Turn left on Lynn Rd.

    • H50330 - Join Pigeon Creek Greenway at Sunrise Park

Southern Indiana Segment 6: Evansville to Illinois Line

Trail Notes

Updated 10 Feb, 2019
    • H60170 - Add that Lower Mt Vernon is briefly joined by Franklin from the right. Franklin leaves to the left in 230 feet

    • H60230 - Road name is Mackey Ferry Rd

    • H60240 - Should be Jct Mackey Ferry Rd and CR 400W East Herman Island Rd

    • H60250 - Caution: Agressive dogs in this area - Niki Rowland-19

Northern Route

Northern Indiana Segment 1: Ohio Line to Marion

Trail Notes

Updated 10 Feb, 2019
    • G10120 - Update to read: Turn R on Johnson Street - .19 - 12.38 / 39.8302, -84.9003

The trail now goes under Main Street so impossible to turn right
    • G10130 - Revise to read: Turn L on 2nd St. 0.08 - 12.46 / 39.8302, -84.8988

    • G10140 - Revise distance to .02 because of update to G10130

    • G10280 - Add: Turn R and proceed N on 600W/Sycamore St through Gaston

    • G10290 - Update to: Cross Elm St ...

There is no signage for 850N

Northern Indiana Segment 2: Marion to Rochester

Trail Notes

Updated 10 Feb, 2019
    • G20020 - Update to read: Quick Jog: Turn R on County Road 400 W then Turn L on

    • G20160 - Update street name from Harrison St to Harrison Avenue

    • G20170 - Update to read: ...and after crossing under US 24...

    • G20230 - Update route: At Nickel Plate Trailhead turn R on Mitchell Drive 7.59 - 62.94 / 41.0544, -86.2020

The Nickel Plate Trail now extends to Mitchell Drive - much safer than Wabash

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      • G20235 - Turn L on Wabash Ave .06 - 63.00 / 41.0544, -86.2007

    • G20240 - Update distance .52

Northern Indiana Segment 3: Rochester to Illinois Line

Trail Notes

Updated 11 Feb, 2019
    • G30180 - Update name of trail: North Judson Erie Trail

The Monterey part of the name is apparently a proposed trail going in the opposite direction that still hasn't been built.


129th St has been completed across Grant St/SR55 - no longer need the following waypoints

      • Remove Waypoints

        • G30410

        • G30420

        • G30430

        • G30440

        • G30450

    • G30460 - Revise in entirety: Cross Grant St/SR 55. 129th Ave becomes Main Street as it bends right entering CROWN POINT 46307 (M,G) 1.53 - 78.44 / 41.3839, -87.3614

      • NOTE: Cumulative mileage for rest of segment will need to be adjusted by -.50

    • G30560 - Revise to read: Turn Left on E Ave B, then Turn R on S Broad St following Bike Route sign. GRIFFITH 46319 (M,G). There is a laundromat here. The post office is 1.25 miles N on Broad St.

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      • G30565 - Turn left to return to Erie Lackawanna Trail .16 - 89.60 / 41.5207, -87.4277

    • G30710 - Should be: Cross Columbia St and continue straight on Fisher St.

    • G30720 - Should be: At Calumet Ave, rejoin the Fisher Street Trail on the left (SW) corner of the intersection