Show Me State

Segment 1 - St Louis to St Charles

Trail Notes

Updated: 17 Feb, 2019
    • L10045 - Should be turn L into St. Louis Univ campus - across from Harris Stowe State University - sidewalk becomes Laclede Ave

    • L10050 - Should be North Grand Boulevard

    • L10060 - Turn left on West Pine Mall sidewalk and head straight through campus

    • L10080 - Add Turn Right on Wydown Blvd

Segment 2 - St Charles to Boonville

Construction Detour (Bridge Replacement - Katy Trail MM 62.6 - 64)

The detour begins at MM 62.6 and runs through Klondike Park to near MM 64. Detour signs are posted coming from the east and west of the closed area. A map of the detour may be found here as well as at the Matson and Augusta trailheads and the Klondike Park kiosk. The detour route is on gravel with washouts following recent rain storms, narrow turns, and an 85-feet elevation incline on the west end.

L20010 - Should be Turn Right

Add Waypoints

        • L20054 - At the Klondike Park Boat Ramp, turn R on Lewis & Clark Trail to avoid trail closure ahead. /

        • L22058 - Rejoin Katy Trail and continue SW

Construction Detour (Bridge Replacement - Katy Trail MM 66.4 - 67.8)

The section of trail between MM 66.4 (Augusta Trail Head) and MM 67.8 (just west of Bigelow Creek Bridge) is temporarily closed to allow for the replacement of Bigelow Creek Bridge.

Add Waypoints

        • L20061 - Turn L on Main St .06 - .06

        • L20061 - Turn R on Webster St - .20 - .26

        • L20062 - Turn L on High St - .04 - .30

        • L20063 - Turn L on Kuchem Lane - 2.44 - 2.74

        • L20064 - Turn R on Katy Trail at MM 67.8 - .10 - 2.84

Katy Trail Closed for flooding - MM 87.2 to MM 97.1

  • This is just west of Treloar to just west of Case

Katy Trail closed for flooding - MM 110.9 to MM 163.5

  • Bluffton to just east of Cooper’s Landing

Katy Trail Closed - MM 178.4 - MM 180.9

  • Just past Waypoint L20270

The Katy Trail is temporarily closed from MM 178.4 (Rocheport Trailhead) to MM 180.9 (Davisdale Conservation Area).

Trail users are being rerouted to Hwy. 40 and will need to exercise caution. Signs will direct trail users to follow the below detour:


  • From the Rocheport Trailhead follow Katy Trail to Central Street (.2 mile).

  • Turn right onto Central Street. Central Street becomes Hwy. 240 Spur (.1 mile).

  • Take Hwy. 240 Spur to Hwy. 40 (1.0 mile). Turn left onto Hwy. 40.

  • Take Hwy. 40 to the Davisdale Conservation Area parking lot (3.2 miles).

  • Enter Katy Trail from the far side of the parking lot.

  • Turn left out of the parking lot onto Katy Trail.


  • From the New Franklin Trailhead, follow the Katy Trail to the Davisdale Conservation Area parking lot (6.0 miles).

  • Turn right into the parking lot. Turn left onto Hwy. 40.

  • Take Hwy. 40 to Hwy. 240 Spur (3.2 miles). Turn right onto Hwy. 240 Spur.

  • At Rocheport, Hwy. 240 Spur becomes Central Street (.1 mile).

  • Take Central Street to Katy Trail (.2 mile). Turn left onto Katy Trail.

Caution - Washout and Holes - MM 189.2

  • Just prior to Waypoint L20290

Katy Trail users should exercise caution east of New Franklin Trailhead at MM 189.2 near the bridge. Heavy rainfall has caused holes and a washout next to the bridge.

Segment 3 - Boonville to Kansas City

Trail Notes

Updated: 22 Aug, 2019

Construction Detour of Katy Trail for Culvert Replacement

    • L30040 - Change to: Turn Right on Spring St

Disregard Waypoints

        • L30050

        • L30060

Add Waypoints

    • L30070 in 1.49 mi

Caution on Rock Island Trail/Katy Trail

Trail users are advised to exercise caution in the listed areas due to washouts and rough trail surface.

RIT/KT Mile Markers

-- MM 217 (west of Windsor) to MM 222 (east of Leeton)

-- MM 241 (west of Chilhowee) to MM 242 (east of Medford)

-- MM 251 (east of Route P) to MM 262 (east of Pleasant Hill)

ADT Waypoints

    • L30160 (Windsor) through L30190 (Pleasant Hill)

Update Waypoint

        • L30188 - Correct to read: Jct Mo 58 (1st St) & Wyoming St. Turn R on Wyoming St.

Delete Waypoints

        • L30190

        • L30200