West Virginia

Wild, Wonderful

Segment 1: Maryland Line to Streby

Trail Notes

Updated 12 Apr, 2019

Corrections/Updates to ADTS Westbound Turn by Turns

  • C10010 - After crossing private toll bridge, the West Virginia state line is the shoreline. No toll for pedestrians or bicycles.

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      • C10015 - JOG - Greenspring Valley Rd/CR1 turns to the R, crosses railroad tracks, then turns back to the L .08 - .08 / 39.5268, -78.6172

  • C10040 - Change to: Turn R on Keller Run Rd

  • C10070 - Turn L on Baker Rd. Note: Sort of a quick Left then Right jog.

  • C10220 - Update: Turn L on Buckbee Hollow Rd (new name - not Colonel Lyons-Tom May Rd) crossing under US 48

Segment 2: Streby to Nestorville

Trail Notes

Updated 18 Dec, 2019

Corrections/Updates to ADTS Westbound Turn by Turns

  • C20020 - Note: This begins a 2000' elevation climb to the Dolly Sods Wilderness

  • C20045 - Add: Backcountry Campground is just ahead

  • C20070 - Correct: As you reach the valley, Forest Road 80 becomes Freeland Rd. Continue straight.

  • C20110 - Add: Middle Ridge Trail is a Loop. When you reach the loop, hike to the R.

  • C20120 - Remove "...from here to Blackwater Falls Horse Stable." The stables are at C20160

  • C20150 - Change to: Shelter and Camp. Continue on A Davis Trail

  • C20160 - Change to: Turn L on Yellow Birch Trail passing through Blackwater Falls Horse Stable.

  • C20170 - Correct: Blackwater Falls lodge is 0.2 miles to N. And correct spelling of Canaan.

  • C20180 - For Clarity: From Canaan Loop Rd (FR 13), turn L onto Railroad Grade Trail (FT 110)

  • C20210 - Change to: Bear L on Mountain Side Trail (FR 244)

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        • C20215 - Bear Left to stay on FR 244 as Mountain Side Trail (FR 244A) goes off to right. 1.51 39.0558, -79.5712

  • C20230 - Change to: Continue WNW on Main St (WV 72) to Hendricks.

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This takes advantage of the Allegheny Highlands Trail that parallels the ADTS highway route between Hendricks and Parsons, West Virginia.

        • C20231 - HENDRICKS. Bear left onto Allegheny Highlands Trail 39.0749, -79.6308

        • C20232 - PARSONS. Turn R on Railroad Ave - 3.13 / 39.0982, -79.6756

        • C20233 - Jog right and left to pedestrian bridge and cross Cheat River .07 / 39.0975, -79.6776

        • C20234 - After crossing bridge, jog R then L on US 219/1st Street to rejoin ADTS Turn by Turns

Remove Waypoint

        • C20235

  • C20240 - Update: Turn R on WV 72/Chestnut St (toward Kingwood) then bear left at Y to stay on Chestnut St.

  • C20330 - The area where the water and restrooms mentioned in the TBT are located is now overgrown and no longer maintained. (Yvonne -'19)

Segment 3: Nestorville to Wilsonburg

Trail Notes

Updated 21 Apr, 2019

Corrections/Updates to ADTS Westbound Turn by Turns

  • C30030 - Correct: Turn R on North US 250/Barbour County Highway, per signage at the intersection

  • C30080 - For clarity, change to: Just past Arden United Methodist Church, Old Railroad Grade (CR 12/7) becomes Laurel Creek (CR 12). Continue straight on Laurel Creek (CR 12)

  • C30150 - Correction: Sandy Creek is (CR 46)

  • C30160 - Unmarked: Turn Left onto Knottsville Rd. "Fairview Farms and Garden" sign at this intersection.

  • C30200 - Unmarked: Head down the wrong way of a one-way street. Caution: No shoulders. See GPS Map for photo.

  • C30280 - Add dropped turn: Turn L on Tappan (CR 3/7)

  • C30360 - Unmarked: - Murphy's Run Rd is the 1st road on Left after you pass the entrance to Meadowbrook Mall. You will cross a small bridge over creek. See photo on map.

  • C30390 - Unmarked: See photo in GPS Map.

      • Alternate: If the trail is too muddy, you can continue on Glen Falls Rd which becomes North 20th St. and dead ends at West Virginia Ave where you rejoin the ADT. Turn L on W Virginia Ave and your are just past Waypoint - C30400

Add Waypoints

          • C30391 - At Northern Harrison County Hike and Bike Trail terminus, Turn R on N 25th St.

          • C30392 - Turn L on Williams St.

          • C30393 - Turn R on N 24th St

Segment 4: Wilsonburg to Ohio State Line

Trail Notes

Updated 5 May, 2019

Corrections/Updates to ADTS Westbound Turn by Turns

  • 40020 - CAUTION: This is a very busy highway. Use extreme caution on the shoulder for the next .9 mi

  • 40030 - Correction: Turn R off of US 50 toward Wolf Summit (not Sycamore). Parking for the North Bend Rail Trail is to the right. Turn L on Old US 50 (unmarked). Note: You will see a sign indicating North Bend Rail Trail is to the right. Disregard, so as not to backtrack.

  • 40033 - The turn is unmarked, but it is the first road on your right. Then turn L onto the NBRT. NOTE: The NBRT is prone to flooding from this point until Salem WV - approx. 5 miles

Bristol, West Virginia

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Salem, West Virginia

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Industrial, West Virginia


Smithburg, West Virginia

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