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Latest Updates/Additions

20 Feb, 2020Maryland WB Seg 2 - Updated Trail Notes to include coordinates for ADT Shelter.
14 Feb, 2020Nebraska EB Seg 2 - New map added. Lake McConaughy to Lake Maloney (North Platte)
11 Feb, 2020California EB Seg 1 - Updated PDF map mileage
6 Feb, 2020Colorado EB Seg 6 - Added services waypoints for Platteville, Co - GAIA GPS
2 Feb, 2020Nebraska WB Seg 8 - Trail notes added to clear up confusing Oregon Trail mention in ADTS Turn by Turns.Nebraska EB Seg 1 - New map added. Colorado/Nebraska line to Lake McConaughy.Colorado EB Seg 6 - Updated Map to add services for Gilcrest
26 Jan, 2020Colorado EB Seg 6 - Denver to Julesburg (Nebraska State Line) - Map now available.
19 Jan, 2020West Virginia EB Seg 1 - Updated trail guide information.
12 Jan, 2020California EB Seg 1 - Total revamp of maps and directions. Added services information, elevation map and introduced climb category information.
05 Jan, 2020Indiana South EB Seg 9 - PDF Map now available.
02 Jan, 2020Indiana South EB Seg 8 - PDF Map and updated GPS map now available.Indiana South WB Seg 2 - Updated Trail Notes with corrections to ADTS Turn-By-Turns
31 Dec, 2019Indiana South WB Seg 2 - Updated GPS Map and added trail notes.
29 Dec, 2019Nevada EB Seg 9 - Updated GPX and PDF Guide to include Steptoe Creek Trail in Cave Lake State Park - removing 1.8 miles of road walking.
28 Dec, 2019Nevada EB Seg 9 - GPX Map and PDF Guide now available.Nevada WB Seg 1 - Updated GPX Map.
24 Dec, 2019Nevada EB Seg 8 - PDF Map now available.