About The ADT Guide

An American Discovery Trail Hiker's Companion

What it is:

The ADT Guide began as a complete, detailed audit of the American Discovery Trail Databooks for Westbound Hikers following an increase in reports of lost hikers and outdated directions. During the eight-month long project we checked and double-checked each road turn, trail route, and information note in the 2013-2015 classic ADT Databooks, still the most current available. Waypoint corrections/omissions were noted, and a corresponding GPS map of each segment created.

Today ADTGuide.com is a repository of those initial audit findings - first published in February of 2019. Utilizing digital online resources, personal reports from the trail, and tips, ADTGuide.com strives to be the most up-to-date compilation of route changes, conditions, resources, and tips for hikers of the American Discovery Trail.

In the spring of 2019, we began the production of Maps for Eastbound American Discovery Trail Hikers. New maps, direction updates, and hiker notes are being added nearly every week.

Going forward in addition to updating the Trail Notes and Maps with your trail tips, we will be adding suggestions of places to eat, sleep, resupply, and more.

So, Let's Go!

The ADT Guide project began in the summer of 2018. We're in our infancy! Much has been gathered and much, much more will be...with your help!

So check back here for the latest updates and crowd-sourced reports from the trail. You are well on your way to preparing yourself for the adventure of a lifetime!

The American Discovery Trail Guide!

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